Education involves the broad process of learning.  This process begins at birth and never ceases.  At the heart of this process is the student, and a cooperative relationship between teacher and student.  Along with the cooperative relationship that must exist between teacher and student, I feel that there must be a positive relationship with the entire culture of the school.  The culture of the school is based on the staff, students, parents, and the community, all working towards the common goal of preparing students to become educated and well informed members of society.

My philosophy of education is child-centered.  I feel that although a group of children may enter into your classroom, the teacher must account for individual differences, backgrounds, experiences and feelings.  As an educator, I adjust individual activities in order to encompass the abilities of all the students in my classroom.  I encourage my students to set personal goals and work towards fulfilling them.  My objectives include improving their self-concepts, critical thinking skills, and most importantly, encouraging these young people to explore their interests.