I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Kim Jacobs and I have been a fourth grade teacher at P.S. 81 in Riverdale for six years. This year, as in the past two, I am the grade leader and am also a cooperating teacher for two juniors from Manhattan College. I have also worked as a cooperating teacher for The College of Mount Saint Vincent, with juniors and seniors.

My classroom is set up to provide a cooperative learning environment. The student's desks are grouped in tables of 5 or 6. The student's often work with partners or groups. A daily schedule includes a 90 minute literacy block, 60 minute Mathematics block, and Science or Social Studies as per district requirements. All lessons are based on the curriculum outlined by the district and aligned with NYS and NYC standards. Student's work is displayed throughout the classroom showing various stages of completion. My instructional techniques include whole class, small group, and individual. In the past my classroom have been used as the lab site for consultantís from Columbia University Teacher's College. Last year, I worked on the curriculum development committee and grant writing committee. This year my classroom is being used as the lab site for a Literacy Coaches Academy.

While a fourth grade teacher at P.S. 81 I have administered the fourth grade ELA, fourth grade Mathematics, and the ESPET. I have also scored the manipulative part of the ESPET. Besides the state assessments, I assess my students both formally and informally in various ways. Other assessments include rubrics, tests, quizzes, running records, conversations, and their work.

I am sure my qualifications and my teaching experience will be an asset to your faculty. I look forward to speaking to you. I can be contacted by telephone at (845) 578-1517 or by email at kimjacobs@teacher.com.